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Gyeongnam-do, South Korea

Gyeongnam-do, South Korea has about 3.1 million people and is governed by Hong, Jun Pyo. The Sister State relationship between Gyeongnam-do and Maryland is formed around the opportunity for cooperation in business, industry, cultures, education, agriculture, environment protection and tourism business.




Gyeongnam-do, South KoreaThe major initiative Gyeongnam-do and Maryland have made together are to create summer/winter school programs for students. Focusing primarily on education: St. Mary’s, a Howard County School has become a sister/partner school to help these events. The local government will help fund students to travel here, within a specific time period, in order to have a study abroad experience.





On November 26, 2018, President of University of Maryland, Baltimore Dr. Jay A. Perman and President of Pusan National University Yangsan Hospital Dr. Roh, Hwan-Jung signed a Memorandum of Understanding in Baltimore regarding cooperation in the shared interests of life sciences and biotechnology.


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