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Maryland Global Gala on December 5

The World Trade Center Institute will host its annual Maryland Global Gala on Wednesday, December 5th, 2018

From the World Trade Center Institute’s Website

The Event

The Maryland Global Gala brings together Maryland’s vibrant international business community to celebrate the state’s significant impact to the world economy. The event features food from Baltimore’s top international restaurants, local beers & spirits, and multicultural entertainment – which highlights Maryland’s diverse international community. Proceeds and donations from the event help to underwrite WTCI’s professional development and exchange programs allowing WTCI to offer scholarships for underserved students and non-profit professionals.

Support WTCI Professional Development and Cultural Exchanges Programs

WTCI’s professional development and exchange programs provide an international education platform for our state to help advance the next generation of global leaders. Through the generous support of Maryland Global Gala attendees and sponsors, WTCI is able to offer scholarships to high potential college students, non-profit executives, international professionals, and others who would otherwise not be able to take advantage of these programs.

Baltimore is an International City

Since its founding, Baltimore, in large part due to its inland location and deep water port, has been a key international destination for people coming to the United States. Throughout its history, our city has been shaped by the unique role as an international destination – as the second busiest port of entry for immigrants in the early 1800s to the large post-Panamax container ships that sail through our port. The effects of diverse groups of people traveling, trading, and settling across the region leaves a rich tapestry of cultural diversity and facilitates the wealth of global business opportunities we see today.

Wednesday, December 6 | 3:30PM – 7:00PM
Columbus Center
701 East Pratt Street.
Baltimore, MD 21202