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Maryland Horse Industry Board Signs Cooperative Agreement with Anhui Province China’s Equestrian Association

Partnership Maintains Commitment to Promoting Maryland’s Horse Industry Abroad

ANNAPOLIS, MD – Maryland Secretary of State John Wobenmsith was joined by Minister Xueyuan Xu from the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China as well as Maryland Deputy Secretary of Agriculture Julie Oberg, and Ross Peddicord, Executive Director of the Maryland Horse Industry Board, to sign an agreement with the Anhui Province Equestrian Association and Dangshan County that will promote equestrian practices, strengthening a 41-year-old partnership between Maryland and its sister state.

“The agreement that Ross Peddicord and his counterparts in Dangshan County and the Anhui Equestrian Association signed this evening represents a win-win situation for the people of both regions. It is a true testament to the important role that subnational partnerships play in our world today,” said Secretary of State Wobensmith.

“Maryland has a thriving horse industry with a proud history. We are delighted to share our expertise and experiences with you and in turn learn more about Chinese agricultural and equestrian practices,” said Peddicord.

The areas of cooperation identified in the agreement include thoroughbred horse breeding; an introduction to harness racing; Maryland’s sport of jousting; equine educational opportunities; hay and pasture production; and participation in the new Maryland 5 Star at Fair Hill International. The agreement will last for five years and includes an option to renew.

In 2019, a Maryland delegation, including Secretary Wobensmith, Deputy Secretary Oberg, MHIB Director Ross Peddicord visited Anhui on a mission to learn more about equestrian sports. They also attended Chinese Equestrian Association FEI 3 Star Endurance Race in Dangshan to learn about Anhui’s interest in horses.

The agreement signing was attended by other Maryland notables, including Jim Steele, Chair of the Maryland Horse Industry Board; Cricket Goodall, Executive Director of the Maryland Horse Breeders Association; Jeff Newman, President and CEO of the Maryland 5 Star at Fair Hill; Bill Reightler, Board of Directors, Maryland Horse Breeders Association; Bob Zhang, Asia Representative, Maryland Horse Industry Board; Luis Borunda, Maryland Deputy Secretary of State; Steve Connelly, Assistant Secretary, Maryland Department of Agriculture; Mary E. Nitsch, Director of International Programs, Maryland Department of Commerce; Mark Xu, Vice Chair, Maryland Anhui Sister State Committee; Ewing McDowell, Maryland Department of Commerce; Christina Poy, Administrative Director for the Governor’s Commission on Asian Pacific American Affairs.

This article was originally published on the Maryland Department of Agriculture website.